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Coronado Middle School

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School Safety and Practice Drills on Campus

Dear Coronado Families,
In our continued effort to support the students at CMS, we believe in providing opportunities that are relevant and meaningful to the education and safety of our campus.  As a school we regularly conduct emergency procedures such as fire and earthquake drills, including lock down drills. This is in accordance with our belief of educating the whole child and is supported through federal mandates as well.  In addition, we always inform and work with our partners in education such as the local police, fire, and military departments when performing these drills, but generally don’t make these announcements to the public.  
Please know as an educational community and a staff devoted to the lives of children, we are committed to providing the best learning environment for students by having strong academic standards while supporting the social/emotional development of students. CMS has specific measures in place to address safety on campus and we want to provide information to you about our school.
  • The safety and security of our students is our top priority.
  • Each of our schools has a school safety plan and holds planned safety activities (lockdowns, earthquake and fire drills, etc.) throughout the year.
  • We conduct regular reviews with all staff of our school safety plan.
  • We maintain strong, positive relationships with local law enforcement.
  • We have and will continue as a staff to discuss the situation and provide guidance in ways to support students and adults in the aftermath of this tragedy.
  • We anticipate questions from students and are prepared to answer them in developmentally- and age-appropriate ways.
  • We stand ready to support our students and families with resources to help our school community cope when there are tragedies.
  • We need all parents/visitors to check into the front office at the F Avenue main entrance, regardless if it is before or after school. It’s important for the safety of our campus that all parents/visitors check into the office, sign-in, receive and wear a visitor’s badge, and wait in the front office lounge until the school is ready to receive them. Even if you have a scheduled meeting in a classroom, its imperative you check into the front office first and only proceed onto school grounds after it’s cleared in the front office.
Again, campus safety is a shared responsibility of students, staff and parents. I know we can all agree that providing a healthy and safe educational environment ensures quality learning time for our kids and is in the best interest of preparing them for the future.
As always, we appreciate your support and involvement with your child’s education. Together we are better!
Brooke Falar
CMS Principal                                 
Student and Campus Safety: Parents / Visitors on campus:
Please be aware that any person wanting to visit campus must enter the school grounds at the F Avenue entrance, report to the front office, sign in, and receive a visitor’s pass.  This is required before, during, and after school hours.  Even if you are dropping off an item such as P.E. clothes, a lunch, or school work that your child may need for class on a given day, please enter the campus on F Avenue and come to the office first.  This will assist us in knowing who is on campus and the purpose of the visit, while maintaining student safety and the non-disruption of learning in the classrooms.  While we enjoy our parents and community members support on the CMS campus, I know we can all agree that by following these protocols we can better ensure a safe and healthy environment for all children at school.  This is certainly in the best interest of all of us and we appreciate your understanding.
Traffic Safety: 
To assist in minimizing traffic safety issues around the CMS campus, we encourage all pedestrians, vehicles, bicycles, skateboards and scooters to observe the following strategies during “peak times.”
Alternative Drop-Off and Pick-Up Locations: Please be aware that an excellent alternative to dropping off and picking up students is the “G” Avenue location on the west side of the school.   Also, parents and students are to be reminded that many other street areas surrounding the school are good locations.
Drop Off Children at the Curb:  Parents are encouraged to drop children off at curbs closest to the school, reducing any need to cross streets.
No Cell Phone Usage:  We encourage all persons to refrain from using cell phones while driving near school so that full attention can be given to the safety of the students.
Slow Down:  Please observe all speed limits, although we encourage reduction of speeds well below the posted limit.
Use the Designated Cross Walks:  All pedestrians, bicyclists, skateboarders, and scooter-riders are recommended to use the DESIGNATED CROSS WALKS.
Look Both Ways:  All persons crossing any street are requested to look both ways, several times, before crossing a street.
On Campus Rules:  Students are to be reminded of the importance of safety by walking bikes and carrying skateboards while on campus. 
Helmet Laws:  Once off school grounds students may ride bikes, scooters, and skateboards, if they are wearing their helmets properly fastened.