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Coronado Middle School

Tradition of Excellence
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CMS Contact

Coronado Middle School
550 F Avenue
Coronado, CA 92118
Phone: (619) 522-8921
Fax: (619) 522-6948 

Principal and Assistant Principal

Brooke Falar
Interim Principal
(619) 522-8921 x3097
Alison Keehan 
Interim Assistant Principal
(619) 522-8921 x3096


Brian Garcia
Guidance Counselor
(619) 522-8921 x3092 
Elise Agrella
Clinical Counselor
(619) 522-8921 x3083
Rebecca Rabe
Clinical Counselor
(619) 522-8921 x3082
Adam Sayre
School Psycologist
(619) 522-8921 x3084

Office Staff




E-mail Address

  Administrative Assistant - Liz Josset 3097  
  Attendance/Registrar -Akisha Chaney  3096  
  Office Assistant- Amanda Ellison 3095  
  Library Technician - Pettit, Megan 3088  
  Health Tech/R.N. - McMahon, Nicola 3094  
  School Resource Officer - Delbagno, Grace  
  Cafeteria Services 3085

Middle School Staff & Faculty


E-mail Address

Amerling, Amy
Barto, Brooke
Bouwman, Katelyn
Byrd, Kristina
Cotten, Kathleen
Dejarnette, Ananda
Donahue, Kevin 
Eversheim, Julia
Fountian, Laurie 
Frampton, Heidi
Gregory, Amanda
Grossini-Concha, Gina     
Handysides, Jeremy
Heinecke, Matt
Hetrick, Cara
Jensen, Melody
Kullmann, Linda
Leverton, Haley 
Loiselle, Ramona
McCann, Bonnie
Miller, Melissa
Noonan, Laura
Pittner, Kimberly
Ramirez, Kevin
Ryan, Elizabeth
Sailers, Kelly
Salimando, Stacy
Schaefer, Nicole
Schumeyer, Brian
Smith, Matthew
Thankachan, Ancy
Thielman, Todd
Wall, Alyssa
Wertz, Elizabeth