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6th Grade Course Descriptions

Required Classes

Required Classes

English/Language Arts (Humanities)
Students in sixth grade are placed in a two-period humanities core
. In the English/Language Arts portion they are expected to do the following: read for pleasure as well as for information in the content area, identify author’s purpose in writing, locate information from a variety of sources, construe literal meaning and plausible inferences, identify and understand the use of figurative language, use literature and poetry as a means of exploring a historical period, and use fluency and expression in oral reading. Students are also expected to write formally and informally on a variety of subjects, effectively use the writing process, and write clearly using standard English grammar, correct spelling, and punctuation for a final copy. Students write narratives, expository compositions, research reports, responses to literature, and compare/contrast compositions in accordance with the California State Standards for Language Arts.
History/Social Science (Humanities)
Students are placed in a two-period humanities core. In the History/Social Science portion students study the ideas, issues, and events beginning with early humans and covering great, ancient civilizations. This study of ancient history emphasizes the changes in history that brought about the development of communities and then of civilizations. The in-depth study of ancient civilizations includes Mesopotamia, Ancient Egypt, Ancient India, Ancient China, Ancient Israelites, Ancient Greece, and the Roman Empire. Students learn about life in ancient times and make connections between the past and the present. The textbook used in Humanities 6 is Ancient Civilizations published by Holt.
The 6th grade science course at Coronado Middle School covers content from the integrated version of the Next Generation Science Standards for California Public Schools (CA NGSS) for grade 6. The following are some of the content areas: 

Integrated Model Standards Arranged by Disciplinary Core Ideas

Physical Education
CMS Physical Education seeks to address a student’s fundamental need for regular physical activity in order to stay healthy for a lifetime. The program’s primary focus is in the following areas: acquisition and understanding of motor skills; development of a life-long physical fitness/wellness attitude; learning the effect of physical activity on one’s self-image and personal development; and encouraging positive social development and the acceptance of individual differences among peers.
Elective Courses

Elective Courses

The national middle school reform movement has long supported the need for early adolescents to have a variety of experiences in courses beyond the traditional required core curriculum. Such courses have traditionally been year-long elective classes which students choose from a variety of offerings. Additionally, other elective classes are known as exploratory wheel classes. These are assigned to students rather than selected by them, and they are shorter in duration, occurring in a rotational “wheel” configuration throughout the year. Both types of courses intend to expand the students’ understanding of the world, offer exposure to new learning, and/or stimulate talents and interests typical of this age group. 

Exploratory Wheel Classes (9 weeks)

Coding -This 9 week course provides 6th graders with exposure to various coding languages and focuses on Block coding and Python to acquire basic coding skills that will support them moving into the Coding/Engineering pathway class for grades 7 and 8. 
Digital Media – This technology based class emphasizes filming and video production through iMovie and Final Cut Pro.  Students will be introduced to Photoshop, Garage Band, Animation and media copyright law. This is a pathway course for Digital Media 7/8.
Performing Arts and G.R.E.A.T- This  9 week class provides a look into the study of the three performing art areas: Music, dance and theatre.  Additionally, our Coronado School Resource Officer teaches the G.R.E.A.T. curriculum every Tuesday afternoon and students use their newly acquired performance skills to role play important life skills and making healthy choices. This is a pathway course to Intermediate Performing Arts and Advance Performing Arts.
Art- This course introduces students to various mediums of art which include drawing, painting, mixed media, printmaking, and sculpture.  Students will look at historical artists and develop visual literacy. This is a pathway course for Intermediate and Advanced Art.

Year-Long Electives

Beginning Band
Beginning Band is offered to students in grades 6-8. There is no experience needed to join Beginning Band. If a student took an instrument in elementary school it is strongly recommended that they join Beginning Band. Beginning Band is designed to teach the students a musical instrument. The instrument families being taught are: woodwind, brass, and some percussion. Band will provide students the opportunity to learn note reading, rhythms, music theory, and proper care/handling of their instrument. They will also be able to perform in front of an audience with confidence and pride. 
Intermediate/Advanced Band
Advanced Band is offered to students in grades 6-8. Students who join Advanced Band should have at least 1 year of lessons or experience playing their instrument. Instruments 3 used in Advanced Band are woodwinds, brass, and various percussion instruments. Band is designed to utilize the musical skills the students have already achieved and to increase the students’ knowledge of musical terms, composers, and musical theory. Band will provide students with an opportunity to perform in front of an audience with confidence and pride.
This course is offered to students in grades 6-8 and is open to both males and females. No experience is needed to join. Choir will provide students with an opportunity to train their singing voices, to learn to work together cooperatively as a team, to sing popular music, to improve their performing skills, and to travel to schools and organizations in the community for performances.

Other Programs

Sixth Grade Camp
In the Fall (date to be announced) sixth graders have the opportunity to attend a five-day Outdoor Camp at Camp Cuyamaca. The cost for sixth grade camp is about $325.00.
Extra Curricular Opportunities
  • Lunchtime and After School activities provided by the Coronado Parks and Recreation Department
  • Homework Club – 3:15-4:15 p.m. in the school library, three days per week (M,T,Th)
  • Junior Optimist Club
  • Surf Club
  • Chess Club
  • And others to be announced 
After School Sports
(Under the auspices of the Islander Sports Foundation)
Fall, Winter, and Spring: Volleyball (girls), Softball (girls), Lacrosse (boys), Lacrosse (girls), Basketball (boys), Track (co-ed), Cross country (co-ed), Soccer (boys and girls), Tennis (co-ed), Swimming (co-ed), Basketball (girls)