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Coronado Middle School

Tradition of Excellence
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Bring Your Own Device 1:1 Program

It's the job of the Technology Department to make sure that all staff and students have service they can rely on and support structures in place so that all users have confidence in utilizing the available tools.  We are forward-thinking by paying attention to what is changing, what will change soon, and how that will affect staff & students inside and outside the classroom.
As deemed by the Governing Board, our goal and mission is to create a personalized education for every child. We realize that for the first time in human history, technology has evolved to be able to create a 1 teacher to 1 student (1:1) environment. Distinct programs can now be created to help each unique student learning need.  Partly we do this through our Bring Your Own Device Program (BYOD). This longstanding and growing initiative enables students to use a wide array of devices to assist them in their education.  At the same time our site Technology Resource Teachers teach and support our staff, teachers, and administration in the best practices and abilities of the technology. To support as many types of devices as possible we have invested in a powerful infrastructure: the backbone is a fiber optics network, a uniform and centrally managed cluster of physical and virtual servers, ubiquitous wireless access for all mobile devices in all locations, computer labs (both PC and Mac based), and mobile netbook carts scattered throughout all schools. With the help of technology, we strive to provide the best learning environment for each student.

CUSD 1:1 Program

  • Technology-rich curriculum
  • Students are welcome to bring their own device
  • CUSD not responsible for broken/lost/stolen devices
  • Students who bring their own device have to fill out paperwork/agreements at registration
  • All types of devices can connect to the network
  • Chromebooks are acceptable
  • iPads not recommended
  • We don’t troubleshoot/fix device problems
  • Devices available in classes for students who don’t bring devices and need to access curriculum electronically