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Coronado Middle School

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Principal's Welcome

CMS Principal

Welcome to Coronado Middle School 2020-2021 school year!

Dear Triton Families,
Welcome to the Coronado Middle School 2020-2021 school year!   I am grateful and proud to serve and support dedicated and inspiring staff, kind and curious students, and generous and involved families and community members.
As COVID-19 continues to impact our communities and schools, our district is preparing for instruction beginning on August 27 with provisions for students’, staff, and families’ health and safety at the center.  Following the most current guidelines from the state and county health and education agencies, our district will begin the school year in “CUSD BRIDGE,” connecting educators, students, and families in distance learning.  As the year progresses, we look forward to inviting students back physically to our campus as well as continuing opportunities for our students who will remain in the CUSD BRIDGE Program.  We will communicate updates on plans and programs via the District newsletter on our CUSD website.  
At Coronado Middle School we celebrate the uniqueness of each individual and honor the diverse backgrounds, values, and perspectives which comprise our community. We are committed to recognizing, learning about, and supporting one another, and to preparing our students to learn, work, and thrive as citizens with cultural awareness and responsibility.  
Coronado Unified School District believes every child every day needs a connection, a challenge, and a champion. Our Tritons have the opportunity to connect with peers and teachers through our T3 advisory period, innovative classroom activities, clubs, lunch time events, spirit days, sports, and more. 
Coronado Middle School offers curriculum, instructional approaches, resources, interventions, and enrichment opportunities to meet the needs our diverse learners. Each student will be challenged to achieve based on individual strengths and areas of growth within an environment where student voice is encouraged and appreciated. Through collaborative learning groups, rigorous curriculum, reflective practices, and personalized learning opportunities, students will stretch their thinking and challenge themselves to approach problem solving through an innovative lens.
The CMS Triton Family recognizes how critical it is to belong to a safe and supportive community which champions the gifts and contributions of everyone.   Triton students and staff believe in living the 8 Keys of Excellence, embracing a growth mindset, and taking time to reflect and celebrate individual growth and successes. We believe that every child needs a champion, and through our tight knit, caring community, we will support every child in building strong connections that will foster a sense of belonging and care within the Triton Family.
Our programs and opportunities are the result of generous community support.  We encourage you to connect with us and other families through joining and volunteering with our Coronado Middle School PTO, the Coronado Schools Foundation, and attending school events and activities.  
Middle school is an important and critical time of transition when students learn to navigate their social and emotional lives and prepare for the challenges of high school and beyond.  What happens during these few, short years will make a lasting impression on their development and growth.
Although the start of the 2020-2021 school year will not look like it always has, our students will continue to learn and thrive under the expert instruction and caring approach of our committed CMS staff.
I look forward to connecting with you to inspire your child to recognize their strengths, foster their confidence, and challenge them to pursue and develop their passions as we, together, champion their efforts every day.
Karin Mellina, M.A., M.Ed.
CMS Principal