New to CUSD - August 2020

Dear Triton Families,

Welcome to the Coronado Middle School 2020-2021 school year!   I am grateful and proud to serve and support dedicated and inspiring staff, kind and curious students, and generous and involved families and community members. Please take a few minutes to read through this information and complete the electives selection form below.  A CMS counselor will contact you once you've completed the online registration, paperwork appointment, and  elective form.

As COVID-19 continues to impact our communities and schools, our district is preparing for instruction beginning on August 27 with provisions for students’, staff, and families’ health and safety at the center.  Following the most current guidelines from the state and county health and education agencies, our district will begin the school year in “CUSD BRIDGE,” connecting educators, students, and families in distance learning.  As the year progresses, we look forward to inviting students back physically to our campus as well as continuing opportunities for our students who will remain in the CUSD BRIDGE Program.  We will communicate updates on plans and programs via the District newsletter on our CUSD website

Our CMS team is excited to welcome our new students to CUSD. We're working closely to ensure all of our new students have opportunities to learn about the many new facets of middle school and become an integrated part of the CMS culture.  6th grade students will receive in depth instruction relative to having 6 different classes and accessing information. Counselors, administration, ASB students and the CMS Team will also be providing plenty of information to support the students.  We are fortunate to have KCMS,our broadcasting class, which provides information and news to our students, as well as videos and messages from administration and counselors.

Electives and PE Information:

Please have your child complete this form to select an elective.

6th Grade Elective Choice Survey

7th and 8th Grade Elective Choice Survey

CMS offers five application elective classes: Yearbook, ASB, KCMS Broadcasting, Advanced Performing Arts and Advanced Art.  Let your counselor know if you're interested in one of these classes. 

CMS offers our 7th and 8th graders a hybrid PE course. If your child is interested in this opportunity, please complete this form.  

7th and 8th Grade Hybrid PE Option


Click on this link to purchase your items. They will be ready for pick when we distribute textbooks and materials the week of August 31st. CMS Agenda, PE Uniform and Yearbook Purchases

                                             New to CMS FAQ's

Q: Will the schools provide a virtual orientation for new students? A: Yes, there will be a virtual orientation on August 24th. Time and details will be posted on the CMS website soon. 

Q:Is it possible to get an in-person campus tour? A: Not at this time per San Diego County Health orders.

Q:When/how will my child get to pick their classes? A: Once you have registered online, complete your appointment, and select an elective, you will be contacted by a CMS counselor regarding your child’s schedule.

Q. How do I purchase an agenda and PE uniform, and when can I pick it up? A: You can purchase them at this link. CMS Agenda, PE Uniform and Yearbook Purchases They will be ready for pick when we distribute textbooks and materials the week of August 31st. 

Q:How much time online will distance learning entail? A:Students will follow a daily schedule of three 90 minute class periods.  Students will have breaks and lunch as well as time off and on Zoom with their teachers.

Q:What can CUSD offer to help with more reliable Internet connectivity? A:The CUSD Information Technology Department will be able to provide information.

Q: Will CUSD provide device check out for the school year? A. An application to request use of district-issued technology can be found here.

Q:What happens if my student misses a class due to Internet issues? A: We understand that accessing district-provided instruction at home is subject to many variables and are planning to ensure that students can access missed instruction later if necessary; more information will be provided to families as we get closer to the opening of school.

Q:Will the middle school still have new students take a math placement test? A:  Typically, yes, your child would need to take a placement test.  However, due to Covid-19, we will examine your child’s most recent report card and his/her most recent standardized state test scores to determine placement. We appreciate you providing us with that information.

Q:If my student is in advanced classes, will they still be able to participate in a high school class? A: Yes, CMS is on a similar schedule at CHS.

Q:When will training on the platforms used by the school take place for parents? Will these be numerous live sessions or recorded?A: District leaders will be providing training and/or recordings of CUSD learning platforms.

Q: My child has an IEP or 504 Plan. Will my child receive support? A: Students who have an IEP will receive services and accommodations based on their Individualized Education Plan and supports from their assigned Education Specialist/Case Manager. Students with 504 Plans will receive accommodations per their Plan. Case Managers will orient individual students and families to their services and supports at the beginning of school. Speech services will resume at the start of school.

Q:We are new to Coronado, how can my child meet, and form friendships, with classmates in a virtual setting? A: CMS will continue to have our T3 - Triton Team Time - period on Monday mornings.  This important time provides students with opportunities for connections, support, and much more!

Mathematics at CMS

Q:  What is the math curriculum at Coronado Middle School? A:  College Prep Mathematics aligned with the Common Core State Standards

Q:  What math level is offered at my child’s grade level? A:  The majority of students coming into 6th, 7th, and 8th grade will be placed in grade-level, integrated math; a course that will ensure your student establishes a solid foundation for success in higher-level math classes.  Students taking the grade level sequence: Math 6, Math7, and Math 8 will receive rigorous instruction while still being able to go as far as calculus in high school.

Q:  My child has been on an accelerated or honors track.  Are there accelerated or honors math classes? A:  Yes, there is an accelerated course in each grade level, however, California Standards for Mathematics discourages acceleration before grade 9 since middle school standards incorporate the critical mathematical foundation essential for all students.

Q:  Does my child need to take a test to be placed in an accelerated or honors math class?  Is anything else needed. A:  Typically, yes, your child would need to take a placement test.  However, due to Covid-19, we will examine your child’s most recent report card and his/her most recent standardized state test scores to determine placement. We appreciate you providing us with that information.

Q:  When will we know if my child was placed in an accelerated or honors track mathematics class? A: This will be discussed when you meet with a counselor, Mr. Garcia, Mrs. Agrella, or Mr. Crooker.  

Q: What if my child is placed in the accelerated or honors class and it is too challenging? A: Without the information that a placement test provides, it is possible that your child may struggle in an accelerated or honors class.  All students are assessed within the first 60 school days to verify proper mathematics placement, SB 359, and will be moved accordingly to ensure successful learning. 

Link to additional FAQ's:

Click on this link for the CMS Orientation Presentation 

Link to CMS 6th Grade Video Orientation for 2020-2021