Traffic / Bicycle Safety from the Police Chief and Superintendent of Schools

Posted by: Jay Marquand 5 years, 7 months ago

Traffic / Bicycle Safety from the Police Chief and Superintendent of Schools

Dear Parents,


The 2015-2016 school year is rapidly approaching.  It is imperative that parents, students, the schools and the police work together to ensure a safe arrival to and departure from school for our children.  We strongly encourage you to drive safely, keeping your eyes open for children on wheeled transportation and on foot.


Police officers will patrol around schools each day enforcing the Vehicle Code and local City Ordinances to ensure the safety of our children.  Please assist us by delivering the following safety tips to your children:


v  Always use a crosswalk, never cross the street in the middle of the block.

v  Look both ways and be sure there are no vehicles approaching before crossing streets.

v  Always cross Orange Avenue at signaled intersections, cross only when the walk light is illuminated and/or where a school crossing guard is present.

v  While riding bicycles or any other wheeled transportation, children under 18 years of age

MUST wear approved helmets with the chin strap fastened.  This is for their safety.

v  Parents and children riding bicycles must stop at stop signs and red traffic lights.

v  Bicycle riders must follow the same rules of the road as vehicles.


Drivers taking children to school are reminded of the following safety issues:


v  Drop children off at approved locations on the school side of the street.

DO NOT linger at curbs when dropping off children.  Other parents/drivers are waiting.

DO NOT pass school buses if they have red lights flashing.

v  If driving a vehicle, come to a complete and total stop at stop signs and look for pedestrians.

Watch for children crossing streets in the area of the schools.

DO NOT double park to drop off children.  This is a safety issue for both children and drivers.  Violators will be cited.

v  Texting and cell phone use without a hands free device is prohibited while operating a motor vehicle.


The Police Department and School District look forward to a safe school year.  Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter.

For more information about traffic and bicycle safety around schools and our community the please refer to the web link below:



Jon Froomin                                                               Dr. Jeff Felix

Chief of Police                                                            Superintendent, Coronado Unified School District