Service Learning at CMS: Support Children in Rady's Hospital

Posted by: Jay Marquand 5 years ago

Service Learning at CMS: Support Children in Rady's Hospital

Rady Children’s Hospital helps kids all over the San Diego area.  Children can be there for a simple ear infection, or they could have cancer.  Many kids there are very sick and might have to stay there for a long time. 

One of our amazing CMS students has taken it upon herself to help other children who are hospitalized at Rady’s by having a toy drive.  With the support of Rady’s and CMS, we are happy to assist in this service learning project. For the next two weeks, students / parents are welcome to turn in toys to the “bin” that is located in the CMS office designated for this purpose. 

We hope to bring a smile to the children’s faces who remain hospitalized.  Tanya Eraca, from the Rady’s Hospital Foundation, stated “The kids here get toys after and before for surgeries, chemotherapy, when they’re sad, and we sometimes even give toys to the siblings because the family is also a patient.  Toys can help ease their minds and provide a reminder that someone is thinking about them.” 

Just a reminder, please do not donate: Video games rated T or E, Movies rated R, violent items, wrapped items, used items, no religious items, and no food.  There is a bin in the front office where you can drop off your donations.  A simple toy such as play-do can make a kid feel like a kid again, despite what they are going through.  Thank you so much for helping Rady Children’s Hospital!