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Thank you for taking a few minutes to talk with your student about the information below:

On Mondays after T3, students should do the following:

Messages and emails

  • check ALL of your PowerSchool page Inboxes for messages from teachers
  • check your gmail for emails from CMS or your teachers.
  • Check your PowerSchool messages for invites to Focus Groups
  • **If you are invited to a focus group, your attendance is mandatory.

Check through ALL of your assignments from the week.

  • Finish any assignments, including reviewing for final improvements.
  • Make sure that you have followed all instructions, completed all tasks, submitted all work.

Get organized for the week!

  • Check each PowerSchool class page and calendar for upcoming due dates.
  • Fill out your agenda with upcoming due dates.
  • Do assignments needing to be completed before Tuesday/Wednesday classes
  • Attend class support time
  • Study for upcoming assessments.
  • Email teachers any questions you have.

Be sure to keep your Google drive folders organized for each class.

Teachers consistently use PowerSchool to communicate with students and parents. You’re strongly encouraged to check PowerSchool on a regular basis in order to monitor student progress and celebrate successes. Please email teachers through PowerSchool. PowerSchool and Parent Vue System Log In Instructions

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