Messages from CMS Counselors

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Messages from CMS Counselors

We're here for you! Students can visit our PowerSchool page to find resources and /or reach out to us!

September is Suicide Prevention Month Visit to join in fight to raise awareness, break stigma, and share resources and support.

“See Something, Say Something”:


Students can struggle to share their process in digital classroom. Here is an example of a private Google check-in form from Association of Middle Level Education

  • Students with anxiety and trauma histories tend to think negatively, and stress and overwhelm from new information can be magnified. Educational Leadership offers some tips to combat negative thinking and suggestions for Responding to Anxiety
  • Some students are more sensitive and are anxious about Zoom. Here are some resources and tips for parents about managing sensitivity and wellness during BRIDGE: Zoom tips for parents
  • For facts and poster/print outs about happiness and wellness tools, visit: Wellness posters

CMS Counselors:

Elise Agrella, Clinical Counselor

(all questions regarding 504's)

Brian Garcia, CMS Guidance Counselor

Lisa Poli, Military Family Life Counselor

Kristen Ereno, K-12 Workforce Counselor

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