It's Screen Free Week: Disconnect to Connect!

Posted by: CMS Webhelp 1 year, 6 months ago

It's Screen Free Week: Disconnect to Connect!

CUSD and CMS will be celebrating Screen-Free Week, and we hope that all parents and families will join in the challenge, too!


At CMS, students are required to always have their cell phones off and stored in their backpacks. During screen free week, students will be using computers during testing and for instructional purposes, but we will be providing fun lunch time activities that students can even do outside of school rather than spending time on their phones. We hope you'll choose to join your children in forgoing screen-based entertainment, as this kind of support is the best thing you can do to ensure that your child will have a successful and beneficial experience.

A few things to try out during screen free week:

  • Turn off and put away your cell phones during family dinner.
  • Set up a plug in station in a common space in your home - have all family members turn off and plug in their phones at the same time in the evening.
  • Set up a challenge for your children to be social media free for the week - have conversations about how this has impacted them throughout the week.

If your child doesn't have a smartphone and your considering getting one for him/her, there's an excellent book I recommend you read. It's a very quick read with only 50 pages - $10 on Amazon Can Your Teen Survive and Thrive Without a Smartphone

Smartphones provide your child with access to a tremendous amount of information including the social media world via apps such as Snapchat, Instagram and more. Over the past several years, the number of student issues directly related social media use has steadily and rapidly increased. Unfortunately, some of these issues result in significant consequences.

A few considerations:

  • Set the parental controls - the iPhone X has controls that you can set from your phone. Another way to do this is through an app call Qustodio.
  • An iTunes account is needed for downloading any and all apps. When you set up the iTunes account, YOU set the password and don't give it to your child. In order for him/her to download any app - even the free ones - you have to put in the password - so he'll have to show it to you to do that.
  • No social media
  • Monitor texting, and monitor often. You may be surprised by some of the texting exchanges.
  • Don't allow the phone in their bedroom at night. This is huge! Set a specific time for your child to give you their phone at night.
  • Most importantly, if you purchased and pay for the phone, remind your child that you are the owner. Therefore, it's yours and you can take it, look at it, etc. whenever you want.

Studies show that American children spend more time in front of a screen than they do in school! Let's challenge our kids, and ourselves, to forgo screen-based entertainment and be as screen free as we can be!