It's Abilities Awareness Week!

Posted by: Karin Mellina 4 years, 4 months ago

It's Abilities Awareness Week!

Coronado Middle school

Abilities Awareness

CMS is celebrating it's second annual Abilities Awareness Week. A special thank you to the CMS Special Education Team for organizing the events.

  • Monday, October 17th-  I LEARN BEST DAY…...  A special KCMS broadcast about how we all learn differently and the importance of figuring out what works best for YOU.  Every student will receive a label to fill out and proudly wear throughout the day:   I LEARN BEST WHEN….

  • Tuesday, October 18th and Wednesday October 19th-  CHALLENGE DAYS:  All students will have access to lunch time activities that highlight different abilities and the challenges that some students face everyday. The activities will be hosted by some our Language Live! students.

  • Thursday, October 20th-  BEST BUDDIES DAY  KCMS will host some of our awesome students. We’ll also have a video showing the impact of our Best Buddies Program! There will be an “I CAN” poster at lunch, and the Best Buddies will encourage students to write all the things they CAN DO.  i.e.  I can be kind to a stranger, I can help my fellow students, I can support my friends

  • Friday, October 21st-  CMS UNITED DAY:  Everyone will wear blue to show we are all united in accepting our differences.        KCMS will show a video made and produced by some of our students! and "Tear Down the Barriers" -- Sit with Someone Different from YOU during lunch.