It was a " Better Than Good" Day with Keith Hawkins

Posted by: Karin Mellina 7 months ago

It was a " Better Than Good" Day with Keith Hawkins

Last Monday was a memorable day for our students and staff. We were thrilled to welcome Keith Hawkins back to CMS to talk to our students about being the best versions of themselves through kindness, empathy, courage, ownership, integrity and excellence.  Keith’s stories and message had students and staff on the edge of their seats.  There was laughter, silence, contemplation, and sincerity resounding throughout the CHS gymnasium where the CMS student body and staff gathered at 8:30 Monday morning. Keith’s positive and thought-provoking delivery inspired a sense of gratitude and authenticity in every one of us. Following the assembly, he spent time facilitating leadership activities with student representatives from each T3 class and conversations continued on campus throughout the week.

Keith’s powerful message had students and staff putting his words into practice throughout the day:

“What you think is what you become.”

“Don't be sorry, be better.”

“People might forget what you say. but they never forget what you made them feel.”

“People don't follow what you say, they follow what you do!”

“Don't be like most. Be like you.”

“It’s not your IQ, it’s your I will.”

“Friends remind us of how incredible we are.”

“Today is a great day to be great!”

“There are no bad people just bad habits.”

“Why be normal when you can be you.”

“Leadership is not about what you get, it’s about what you give.”

“Maturity is not an age, it's an action.”

“Because you know doesn't mean you understand”

“Be a little more patient with each other. Everybody has a story.”

Students gathered around Keith to soak in as much of his positivity as they could. It was an illuminating and exciting day for all of our CMS students who spent time reflecting on who they are and who they want to be. I’m so proud of your children and am so pleased that we were able to provide this opportunity for them!

Please ask your kids about Keith and the lessons they took away from the memorable day! Be sure to also ask how they are today...they just may tell you, “I’m better than good!”