CMS Student Tools for Student Goals

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CMS Student Tools for Student Goals

Personal goal setting is a strong focus for Coronado Middle School students this school year.  Two main projects are providing the tools that students use to develop goals, track progress, and save examples of work in classes to save for years to come: 

  1. My Learning Plan (MLP)
  2. ePortfolios

CMS students have started the process of goal setting using a document called "My Learning Plan," or the "MLP."  MLP's allow students to document their interests, goals, learning styles, assessment data, and more.  Throughout the year, students add to their MLP documents to track their learning and take time to reflect on their growth and goals.  Students first worked on the MLP after taking the NWEA MAP assessment, using data that shows progress in mathematics and language arts.  Next, they added additional details such as future education or vocational dreams, interests both inside and outside of school, and hopes for this year's progress.  Students are encouraged to revisit their MLP documents any time that they want to add additional information about their progress towards their goals.  They will formally revisit the documents in the spring after a second round of NWEA MAP testing to review their growth in the mathematics and language arts learning areas.

ePortfolios are an additional new tool that students have access to this year.  In English classes, all students built an ePortfolio including pages for each subject area where they can save examples of exemplary work in any subject, including those of personal interest such as sports, art, etc.  ePortfolios are housed in the PowerSchool program, private to each student, and can be used throughout their academic learning all the way through their senior year!  Students have just begun the process of collecting work and will be building the ePortfolio throughout the spring semester.  

Parents, if you have not seen your student's MLP or ePortfolio, ask him or her to share it with you!  

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