CMS Robotics presents at City Council meeting

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CMS Robotics presents at City Council meeting

Coronado Times article by Jennifer Velez

"Eight CMS students and their Robotics Team Coach Roberta Lenert appeared via Zoom to pitch their innovative team ideas to get residents moving on the island. The teams are sponsored by the Coronado Schools Foundation and have previously brought home trophies.

  • Nado Bots with team members: Sean Wilbur, Cameron Conner, Lincoln Ayers, Kai Slappy, Paige Koczan, Sadie Proctor, Jaya Jost, and Gustavo Hirschfeld, came up with an innovative solution to create an app that would include popular landmarks in Coronado, like the Hotel Del or Ferry Landing. The user would walk, bike, skateboard, or any other form of transportation and watch an informational video about the location and earn a virtual puzzle piece or coupon to a local business.
  • Triton Tribe with team members: Libby Schiaffino, Brynn Belong, Will Heyen, Connor Gray, Andrew Hockran, Ryan Dermody, and Daniel Adams, came up with the idea for an audio tour – CORONAUDIO – the first audio tour of Coronado, including historical locations in Coronado to encourage community members to exercise, while learning local history.
  • Robo Triton with team members: Cameron Lenert, Maya Rodrigue, Ryan Nanoff, Margaux d’Arabian, Anthony Rodgers, Parker Rodgers, Helios Russel, and Grady Dyer, want to get children and parents exercising together on the island by giving them incentives to get out and go to certain places and exercise via an organized scavenger hunt.
  • Robo Royalty with team members: Emma Lund, Emma Hockran, Caroline Timmons, Bobby Latona, Josef Sievenpiper, Logan Craig, Kevin Cason, Reed Karosich, plan to create a Virtual Race with scanner bracelets to provide a fun and safe way to exercise with the opportunity to earn medals, fun titles and coupons from local businesses."

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