CMS: Get to School Safely!

Posted by: Jennifer Landry 6 years, 2 months ago

CMS: Get to School Safely!

Traffic and Transportation Safety

Get to School Safely!

Reminders on Safe Transportation to CMS 


  • Riders under 16 must wear buckled helmets and obey all traffic signals. 
  • Please watch out for and be courteous of pedestrians on the sidewalks 
  • Stop at stop signs! 
  • Always lock your bike at designated bike racks. Do not lock bicycles to school gates or any fences

Traffic Safety

To assist in minimizing traffic safety issues around the CMS campus, we encourage all pedestrians, vehicles, bicycles, skateboards and scooters to observe the following strategies during “peak times.” 

  • Alternative Drop-Off and Pick-Up Locations: Please be aware that an excellent alternative to dropping off and picking up students is the “G” Avenue location on the west side of the school. Also, parents and students are to be reminded that many other street areas surrounding the school are good locations.
  • Drop Off Children at the Curb: Parents are encouraged to drop children off at curbs closest to the school, reducing any need to cross streets. 
  • No Cell Phone Usage: We encourage all persons to refrain from using cell phones while driving near school so that full attention can be given to the safety of the students. 
  • Slow Down: Please observe all speed limits, although we encourage reduction of speeds well below the posted limit. 
  • Use the Designated Cross Walks: All pedestrians, bicyclists, skateboarders, and scooter-riders are recommended to use the DESIGNATED CROSS WALKS.
  • Look Both Ways: All persons crossing any street are requested to look both ways, several times, before crossing a street. 
  • On Campus Rules: Students are to be reminded of the importance of safety by walking bikes and carrying skateboards while on campus. 
  • Helmet Laws: Once off school grounds students may ride bikes, scooters, and skateboards, if they are wearing their helmets properly fastened.