CMS Encourages Partnerships with Families and School

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CMS Encourages Partnerships with Families and School

Dear CMS Families,

We are committed to teaming with you in the interests of your students' safety and success at school. We rely on a foundation of trust, value, and respect in our collaborations with you, and our district has a Civility Policy to guide communications among staff, families, and the community (see below).

Throughout the year we expect you will have questions about the progress of your child and about actions or decisions made by school personnel. We welcome constructive feedback and respectful communication and inquiry in the spirit of seeking to understand. We thank you, in advance, for your support in maintaining a safe school environment.

Thank you for your support!

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CUSD Civility Policy

Coronado USD | 1000 | BP 1313 Community Relations

The Board of Education believes that Coronado Unified School District staff will treat all community members with respect and will expect the same in return. The district is committed to maintaining orderly educational and administrative processes in keeping schools and administrative offices free from disruptions and preventing unauthorized persons from entering school/district grounds.

This policy promotes mutual respect, civility, and orderly conduct among district employees, parents, and the public. This policy is not intended to deprive any person or his/her right to freedom of expression, but only to maintain, to the extent possible and reasonable, a safe, harassment-free work place for our students and staff. In the interest of presenting district employees as positive role models to the children of this district as well as the community, CUSD encourages positive communication, and discourages volatile, hostile, or aggressive actions. The district seeks public cooperation with this endeavor.

(cf. 0410. - Recognition of Human Diversity)


1. Any individual who disrupts or threatens to disrupt school/office operations; threatens the health and safety of students or staff, willfully causes property damage; uses loud and/or offensive language, which would provide a violent reaction; or who has otherwise established a continued pattern of unauthorized entry on school district property, will be directed to leave school or school district property promptly by the superintendent or designee.

2. If any member of the public uses obscenities or speaks in a demanding, loud, insulting, and/or demeaning manner, the administrator or employee to whom the remarks are directed will calmly and politely admonish the speaker to communicate civilly. If corrective action is not taken by the abusing party, the district employee will verbally notify the abusing party that the meeting, conference, or telephone conversation is terminated, and if the meeting or conference is on district premises, the offending person will be directed to leave promptly.