Absences and the Impact to Learning and Programs at CMS

Posted by: Jay Marquand 5 years, 3 months ago

Absences and the Impact to Learning and Programs at CMS

Dear CMS Parents,

I want to take this time to share with you the need for students to attend school every day. While I understand that illnesses and emergencies occur, when a child misses school they miss valuable instruction time that truly cannot be replaced.  This includes un-excused as well as excused absences. Many of these absences are due to vacations that our families take during the regular school year. With advanced planning, it’s my hope that we can increase our students’ opportunities to learn and decrease our absences.

This issue becomes more critical as the new state mandated Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) that went into effect last year, weighted the distribution of funding to all California public schools.  This weighted formula impacted CMS, and our district, because the funding is not equal under the new law compared to other schools.  Additionally, with the failure of Proposition E last June which would have allowed our local community to keep funding here in Coronado to be used for schools, we suffered another set-back.  The Coronado education we have come to enjoy and expect in the past is changing with some of the immediate impacts being reductions of programs and services to children, as well as the loss of staff members on our campus.   85% of a public school’s budget is provided by the state of California. This equals $45 dollars a day for every student at CMS, but more importantly, our children lose out on meaningful learning.

I hope that together we can find solutions to support our school in minimizing the impact of student absences. I want to encourage you to read page two of this letter which includes the facts regarding specific budget numbers and their impact to CMS during these uncertain budgetary times. Missing school can effect the educational programs and quality of instruction your children receive. Please continue to work with us in our goal of keeping our children in school.


Jay Marquand, Ph.D.



Character is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching!

Everyday is an Learning Opportunity and Financial Necessity!


Did you know that every day your child is away from school, the school district loses about $45 for that day of non-attendance?


Did you know that the state of California no longer recognizes an "excused" absence? In order to get our daily attendance funding, the student must be in school on a given day. We do not get funding when a student is home ill.


Did you know that our average daily attendance at CMS is only 96%? That means that on any given day an average of 29 students at CMS are absent. That also means roughly a loss of $1,305 per day or a loss of $234,900 per school year to CMS in state funding.


Did you know that if your child attends school for part of the day, we do get credit for that attendance? So if your child has a doctor's appointment during school hours, he/she still needs to attend school for part of the day.


Did you know that we have a goal at CMS of increasing our average daily attendance by 1% this year? If we do that, we will have an additional $56,700 in state funding.


Did you know that if your child must be away from school for five days or more, we can issue an independent study contract, and if your student completes the work for that contract, then we can claim funding for those missed days? The state will not allow us to do independent study contracts for absences fewer than five days.


Did you know that our student absence rate escalates on the day(s) right before and right after scheduled school vacations? You can help us by using only the scheduled school holidays for your family vacations.


In this time of budget shortfall, we need every dollar. Having your student in school every day will help us maximize our state funding allocation.