Student Assessment


Message from Superintendent Mueller:

Accountability: Your child is expected to fully engage in the experiences our educators have designed for them and participate in teacher 'office hours' if they have any questions or concerns.

Student Grades: Staff is currently collecting data and engaged in discussions to determine how we, as a district, will assess student achievement during Distance Learning. The two most adopted models, issuing pass/no pass semester marks or traditional letter grading, have advantages and disadvantages. We do not believe that our elementary and secondary schools have to be aligned in grading practice. Our guiding principles of equity, access, and fairness for each child are non-negotiable. This decision will be made on what is best for all of the students we serve in Coronado Unified. We appreciate those who have reached out to express opinions and advocate, and we anticipate releasing our grading policy by April 27th.

Support: If you and/or your child is struggling to meet expectations outlined by staff, or you are interested in sharing feedback on Distance Learning, please contact us at for administrative, counseling, or technological support.