PHASES- Reopening FAQs

CUSD Grades 6-12 FAQs 

Q: Why are Phases 2 and 3 only bringing back elective classes?  Why don't these phases include core classes like math, English, history or science?

A: There are a couple of reasons for this.  Most importantly, in order to responsibly and safely reopen campus, we must have baseline data to make informed and sound decisions. Bringing students back in electives cohorts decreases the impact on consistency of instruction in the event of a cohort needing to quarantine or a school closure. Although online may not be the most optimal learning platform, teachers are providing effective, well planned standards-based lessons, and therefore, disrupting the current flow of core classes without baseline data can negatively impact consistency of learning. Many of the elective classes can be held in an outdoor area or classrooms with easy access to the quad, lunch areas and other outdoor spaces on campus.

Q: Once the survey is completed by the family, may I change my mind? 

A: Please fill out the survey carefully. Your response is critical in helping us make decisions in accordance with our planning. Results of the survey will guide staffing and programming, and therefore families may not change their cohort or learning preferences (Bridge or In-Person experiences) until the end of Semester 1. 

Q: If our family chooses to stay 100% online BRIDGE during Semester 1, will we be able to change to partial on-campus for semester 2?

A: Yes, parents will be given the option at the end of Semester 1 to keep the current choice for learning environment or change learning environments. Due to staffing and logistical constraints, changes before this time will not be possible. 

Q: Do I need to fill out the survey for each student in my family? 

A: Yes, each student in your family will need to have a survey filled out and returned by September 24th.  Students in the same family may have differing needs and it is important that we have your commitment for each student’s individual needs.  

Q: What is the last date that I can fill out the survey? 

A: Thursday, September 24th at 4:00pm.

Q: Are students required to wear facial coverings? 

A: Yes, all students attending school are required to wear masks. Students should not wear gaiters, bandanas or masks with valves as these do not prevent the person wearing them from transmitting COVID-19 to others. 

Q: Will students be wearing their masks the entire time they are in school? 

A: Yes, students will be required to wear masks while on campus.

Q: Will facial coverings be provided by the school? 

A: The school will have a supply of facial coverings to provide students who do not have one or who have misplaced, damaged or non approved  facial coverings.  

Q: What happens if a student does not wear a facial covering?  

A: Prior to and on the first day of returning to campus, students will be instructed on how to to properly wear facial covering. Families will be notified if a student does not comply with wearing a facial covering and he/she may not be allowed to attend on campus learning.  

Q. Will students be required to clean their hands every time they exit and enter a classroom?

A.Yes, students will be required to sanitize when they enter and exit the classroom and are expected to wash their hands after using the restroom. 

*All health and safety guidelines and protocols will be clearly outlined prior to students returning to campus.

Q: What is a cohort? 

A: A cohort is a stable group that stays together for all on campus activities.

Q: Why is cohorting important at this time?

Cohorting guidance has been provided to school districts from the CDC and SDPHD. Cohorting may facilitate more efficient contact tracing in the event of a positive case and provide targeted measures to that one cohort rather than school wide.

Q: How does a cohort work at the secondary level?

A: Cohorting in secondary schools is very challenging, as the definition of cohorting is to keep one small group of students together for the entire day. With secondary students taking a variety of classes and levels, this creates multiple complexities.

Q: How will students be placed in cohorts? 

A: Cohorts to be determined based on survey results.

Q: The CUSD plan states that Phase 2 includes students with disabilities and on campus experiences. What does that mean?

A: Survey results will help guide the development of cohorts which will allow for students to be on campus for one or two of their classes at this time. Classes may include electives and/or intervention during phase 2.

Q: What will students who opt in for on campus experiences do when they are not on campus? A: All students will continue to follow their current BRIDGE schedule and Zoom into their classes.

Q:What will it look like if we opt for 100% online learning BRIDGE?

A: At this time, all students will continue to follow their current BRIDGE schedule and Zoom into their classes.

Q: What if I left the district to homeschool or attend a private school? May I re-enroll and have partial on-campus classes? 

A: Our survey is for currently enrolled students. If families choose to enroll at CMS or CHS, they will be placed according to preference if space allows. 

The District Office will provide information regarding transportation inquiries.