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8 Keys of Excellence: Ownership

October 30, 2017


OWNERSHIP: Make the most of every moment.

Be responsible for your thoughts, feelings, words, and actions.  “Own” the choices you make and the results that follow.

Ownership is our willingness to take responsibility for the choices we make.  When we take responsibility for our choices, others know they can count on us and we earn their respect.

If you tell a friend you’ll meet him at a certain time but you’re two hours late because you were hanging out with another friend, take responsibility for your choice. Don’t make up excuses like “I couldn’t help it...Billy just wouldn’t let me go.”  Take ownership by saying, “I was wrong not to meet you as planned or call you when I realized I’d be late.”

When we take ownership of everything we do and say and stop blaming things outside ourselves for situations that occur in our lives, we have greater control.  We may not be able to control everything that happens in our lives but we can control how we respond to what happens.  By taking ownership of our actions we create a huge shift in our life.

Ownership is a whole-life concept.  We can take ownership of our education, our relationships, our fitness, our fun - all areas of our life.  And when we take ownership we take pride and feel confident and fulfilled.

Affirmation: I “own” the choices I make and the results that follow.

Body Motion: Hands on stomach (being responsible for everything in us)

- Taken from http://www.8keys.org/8keys_defined.aspx 

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