Application Elective Classes: ASB, Yearbook, KCMS, Advanced Performing Arts and Advanced Art

2019-2020: Advanced Performing Arts, Associated Student Body (ASB),

KCMS, Advanced Art & Yearbook 

Dear CMS Tritons,

The 2019-2020 application elective classes offer 7th and 8th grade students the opportunity to be participate in exciting and innovative elective courses.  Space in these courses is limited.  Students must submit an application for their desired course, and teachers are looking for students who exemplify the 8 Keys of Excellence and are committed and invested learners. Application classes also require a student to have good academics, contributions to school/community service, and creativity.  Students in these classes will spend time beyond the class period in order to fulfill their responsibilities.

Students may apply for Advanced Performing Arts, ASB, KCMS, Advanced Art and Yearbook; however, no one will be accepted into more than one application class.  Additionally, selection does not guarantee enrollment in the course.  Students will be enrolled in their core classes (history, English, math, science) prior to being placed in an application elective class.  Scheduling conflicts sometimes arise, and core class placement takes precedence over an elective class . Please be aware that these classes are designated to 7th and  8th grade students. 6th grade students are not eligible for application elective classes.

Students may apply to 1 or 2 application electives, only.  Please find the applications below and follow all of the instruction carefully.  All applications are due to the teacher or front office by 1:30pm on April 3, 2019.

For more information about the application electives, watch this informational video:


Electives Course Descriptions

Advanced Performing Arts Application   APA Audition Rubric    APA Resume Sample

ASB Application

KCMS Application

Advanced Art Application

Yearbook Application