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CMS FAQ's - August 2020

Dear Triton Families,
Welcome to the Coronado Middle School 2020-2021 school year!   I am grateful and proud to serve and support dedicated and inspiring staff, kind and curious students, and generous and involved families and community members.
As COVID-19 continues to impact our communities and schools, our district is preparing for instruction beginning on August 27 with provisions for students’, staff, and families’ health and safety at the center.  Following the most current guidelines from the state and county health and education agencies, our district will begin the school year in “CUSD BRIDGE,” connecting educators, students, and families in distance learning.  As the year progresses, we look forward to inviting students back physically to our campus as well as continuing opportunities for our students who will remain in the CUSD BRIDGE Program.  We will communicate updates on plans and programs via the District newsletter on our CUSD website
Our CMS team is excited to welcome our new 6th graders, new students to CUSD and our returing students. We're working closely to ensure all of our new students have opportunities to learn about the many new facets of middle school and become an integrated part of the CMS culture.  6th grade students will receive in depth instruction relative to having 6 different classes and accessing information. Counselors, administration, ASB students and the CMS Team will also be providing plenty of information to support the students.  We are fortunate to have KCMS,our broadcasting class, which provides information and news to our students, as well as videos and messages from administration and counselors.
Click on this link to purchase your start of the school year items. They will be ready for pick when we distribute textbooks and materials the week of August 31st. CMS Agenda, PE Uniform and Yearbook Purchases
1. Will school reopen in August? CUSD, based on state and county health and education department guidelines, will open the school year on August 27 with distance learning in place for all enrolled students.
2. Does CUSD have a plan for inviting students physically back to campus? CUSD will follow state and county health guidelines with respect to inviting students and staff physically back to campus together in any capacity. San Diego County must meet certain criteria for schools to reopen. We are developing schedules for hybrid on-campus/distance learning and full return to school scenarios, in an effort to be as best prepared as possible for campus reopening in any capacity.
3. How do I commit to BRIDGE (distancelearning) for the entire semester or school year? What if we change our minds if schools reopen safely? Our district plans to accommodate students and families who request distance learning even if school reopens physically to students and will communicate specifics on options for communicating desires soon.
4. When will we receive our child’s schedule? Typically, schedules are distributed the day before school starts. We expect to communicate class assignments a day or two before August 27th. Class assignments will be available in ParentVue. PowerSchool and Parent Vue System Log In Instructions 
5. What will a typical learning school day look like? A schedule will be provided by August 17th.
6. How much time online will BRIDGE entail? Students will follow a daily schedule of three 90 minute class periods.  Students will have breaks and lunch as well as time off and on Zoom with their teachers
7.Will CUSD provide device check out for the school year?  An application to request use of district-issued technology can be found here.
8. How will attendance be taken? What if my child is not able to access live Zooms or instruction at the scheduled times? We are working to determine how daily, class period attendance and assessing student engagement, as directed by the state, will be accounted for during online learning. CMS will provide more information closer to the start of the school year. We understand that accessing district-provided instruction at home is subject to many variables and are planning to ensure that students can access missed instruction later if necessary; more information will be provided to families as we get closer to the opening of school.
9. If I disenroll my student from CMS to homeschool him/her, may I return this school year? If your student is a resident within CMS boundaries, you may re-enroll your student at any time.
10. How will my child be graded during BRIDGE? During distance learning, and all school year, teachers will be assessing students on grade-level standards. Student progress on the standards will be based on students' responses to prompts, projects, and assessments, and all students will receive fall progress reports and semester report cards.
11. My child has an IEP or 504 Plan. Will my child receive support? Students who have an IEP will receive services and accommodations based on their Individualized Education Plan and supports from their assigned Education Specialist/Case Manager. Students with 504 Plans will receive accommodations per their Plan. Case Managers will orient individual students and families to their services and supports at the beginning of school. Speech services will resume at the start of school.
12. Will virtual learning have a grading process beyond "turned in" or "not turned in"? Yes, students will be receiving letter grades for assignments.  In each learning model, grading will look similar to how it has looked prior to COVID as stated and supported language in AB 77 : (2) Content aligned to grade level standards that is provided at a level of quality and intellectual challenge substantially equivalent to in-person instruction 
13. How will virtual PE work? All students will be using an accommodated version of our Hybrid PE course content.
14. Will CMS students need the mandatory CMS Planner that is usually purchased before the start of school?  PE Gear?   You can purchase them at this link. CMS Agenda, PE Uniform and Yearbook Purchases They will be ready for pick when we distribute textbooks and materials the week of August 31st. 
15. Will the school be distributing materials and supplies? Will students be turning in paper assignments? We expect to distribute materials to students during the first two weeks of school (student agendas, textbooks, and student whiteboards for problem-solving, etc.). Dates and logistics will be communicated soon. Specific classes may distribute needed supplies. Students will be submitting assignments via online platforms.
16. I am limiting my child's access to devices. Is there an alternative to distance learning via technology? We are not offering an option for distance learning that does not incorporate technology. However, we are mindful of the need for balance with screen time and will do our best to provide a blend of direct/live instructional opportunities and offline activities.