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CMS Campus Safe Reopening Plan

This page will be updated regularly:
The presentation and video include
  • Safety protocols and procedures
  • Symptom check procedures
  • Arrival procedures and entry points
  • Cohort rules and expectations
  • On campus protocols
  • In classroom procedures
  • Campus cleaning and disinfecting
  • Sick student process and pick up procedures
  • Departure procedures
  • Phases details and communication
Sept. 2020: Critical Planning Factors for grades 6-12: Understanding Cohorts
  • What is a cohort? A cohort is a stable group of students that stay together for all on campus activities.
  • Why is cohorting important at this time? Cohorting guidance has been provided to school districts from the CDC and the San Diego Department of Public Health. This allows the school to complete contact tracing if and when needed. Under current guidance this is the safest way for us to offer in-person learning experiences while managing the safety of our students and staff.
  • How does a cohort work at the secondary level? Cohorting in secondary schools is very challenging, as the definition of cohorting is to keep one small group of students together for the entire day. With secondary students taking a variety of classes and levels, this creates multiple complexities.
  • Can my student be part of more than one cohort? Not at this time. Students will be part of one secure cohort (one group of students)
  • Can my child attend more than one class on the same day? Current guidance from the county does not allow your child to be with more than one cohort of his/her peers per day.
  • Once we don't need to cohort, will that allow for more student time in classrooms and on campus? Yes! :)
Please note that ALL information listed is subject to change based on updated county guidance.
Current planning at the secondary level allows us to bring a student on campus for one class or other in-person learning experiences per day. What that means is that if your child is in one of the classes that we are starting in-person, your child will be part of that cohort and only come on campus for that class. He/she will then report back home for the remainder of his/her BRIDGE learning. We will carefully monitor this model and be adding additional cohort time on campus. 
Q: Why are Phases 2 and 3 only bringing back elective classes?  Why don't these phases include core classes like math, English, history or science?
A: There are a couple of reasons for this.  Most importantly, in order to responsibly and safely reopen campus, we must have baseline data to make informed and sound decisions. Bringing students back in electives cohorts decreases the impact on consistency of instruction in the event of a cohort needing to quarantine or a school closure. Although online may not be the most optimal learning platform, teachers are providing effective, well planned standards-based lessons, and therefore, disrupting the current flow of core classes without baseline data can negatively impact consistency of learning. Many of the elective classes can be held in an outdoor area or classrooms with easy access to the quad, lunch areas and other outdoor spaces on campus.
Q:  Will this be the case for semester 2?
A. Not necessarily. Once all 'on campus experiences' students have returned to campus during these first three phases, we will assess the process and make possible shifts. 

Parents will receive an email outlining on campus experience details prior to student return. 

Phase 2: Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Please note that ALL information/plans listed are subject to change based on updated county guidance.
  • All students with IEP’s, KCMS, Yearbook, (Band*-when permitted) 
Week of October 12th and proceeding weeks
  • Additional period for Phase 2 cohorts, as detailed in emails sent to those cohorts
  • Students will stay with their cohort and Zoom into their additional period class from an assigned classroom where a CMS staff member will be present to monitor students. Students staying for two periods in the morning will leave campus at 11:45 am
Week of October 19th.
  • ASB Cohort
  • ELD and targeted students
Students will not be on the CMS campus during lunch - 11:45 am to 12:30 pm.

Phase 3: Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Reminders: Parents will receive an email with detailed cohort information the week before student returns for his/her elective class. Please note that ALL information/plans listed are subject to change based on updated county guidance.
The following students in the classes listed below will return to campus as cohorts.  Each of the cohorts will attend for the one class period listed below. 
  • Lit (Literacy) Lab
  • 6th grade wheel classes (Digital Media, Life Skills 101 (Thrively and GREAT), Art, Coding)
  • Advanced Art
  • Advanced Performing Arts
  • Students with 504's**
If you have not completed the CUSD Parent/Guardian Health and Safety Agreement found in the email sent, click on the link and complete the form.  Students will not be permitted on campus without it.  You may also email it to
Week of November 2nd: 
  • Beginning Band- if restrictions are still in place, students will have on campus instruction one day a week
  • Advanced Band - if restrictions are still in place, students will have on campus instruction one day a week
  • Choir
  • Coding7/8
Week of November 9th:
  • Digital Media 7/8
  • Intermediate Performing Arts 7/8
  • Art 7/8
  • Math Lab
Week of November 16th:
  • Spanish 1A per. 2 and 3
  • Spanish 1B per. 6 and 7
At this time, all students opting for on campus experiences will be on campus.

Phase 4: CMS Semester 2 Reopening Information and Survey

Survey Due Wed. December 16th at 4 PM Click here for the SURVEY
Link to NEW Semester 2 Phases FAQ's Semester 2 Frequently Asked Question